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ఇండోరు తెలుగు మిత్రులందరికీ వందనాలు

Swagatham Suswagatham mitrama !

                    There are many telugu people staying in and around Indore which is the commerical capital of Madhya Pradesh and actively contributing to the Nation Building process as part of many industries, government agencies.


As such many industrial belts exist around Indore(Pithampur, Dewas for example) Leading industries Ranbaxy , HM, Johnson,Bajaj etc., etc., in the govt sector department of atomic energy facility RRCAT,is started decades back.  BNP at Dewas and many Andhrites work in many government agencies.


Telugu Vijnana Samiti, Indore is an age old, well known organization for telugu people.A telugu association (informal, but called as CAT Telugu Association) existed for more than a decade and actively conducting Sankranti and Ugadi festivals every year on large scale. In recent years the Sankranti function TVS has joined hands which will grow in times to come.

This information is not complete I know. But a small begining. Please share info about other organisations, people which we will add and grow our web presence. Let us use this webpage for distributing information about people, activities etc.,

మీ తెలుగు మిత్రులు శ్రేయోబిలాషులు (